Feature list

Mobile network connectivity

  • Use an Android Mobile Phone to connect to the mobile network wirelessly
  • Use an USB GSM Modem to connect to the mobile network wirelessly
  • Use an IP SMS link to connect to the mobile network over the Internet


  • Welcome message feature
  • Message highlight feature
  • Customizable HTML template
  • Customizable background image
  • Customizable colours image
  • Customizable fonts
  • Customizable balloons (shape and colour)
  • Automatic emoji insert feature


  • Black list phone numbers
  • Black list messages containing unwnted words
  • Human moderation form, where messages can be removed from screen
  • Delayed display, that allows time for a human to interact
  • Automatic spam protection (limit the number of messages from a single phone)
  • Automatic word replacement (e.g. replace words with symbols: e.g. ***** or .....)
  • Set a start time and stop time for message receiving


  • Collect phone numbers to file
  • Collect phone numbers to database
  • Collect phone numbers to excel
  • Send automatic reply messages (e.g.: Thank you message)
  • Send campaign to collected phone numbers at a later day
  • SMS campaign and address book management
  • Import / Export phone numbers

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