Ozeki SMS Wall Manual

This page explains how does the Ozeki SMS Wall System work. It shares information on the system components, mobile network connectivity and the general architecture of the system.

What is the goal of SMS Wall

The goal of the SMS Wall software is to display SMS messages on a projected screen. This can be done by attaching a projector or a large screen LCD TV to the computer where Ozeki SMS Wall is installed. You can attach these display devices to the VGA port, to a HDMI port or to an USB-C port on the computer.

Simple setup

The most simple setup involves an SMS connection, a computer and a single monitor. In this setup you install the Ozeki SMS Wall on a Windows computer, and you connect your computer to the mobile network through an Android Mobile phone or through an USB GSM Modem (or through the Internet).

Your mobile network connection will come with a phone number. For example if you use an Android Phone, the phone number will the number assigned to the SIM card in the phone. This phone number is where the viewers of the SMS wall will send their messages.

Once the SMS Wall is connected to the mobile network you need to click on Full Screen display and your are ready to receive SMS messages (Figure 1).

single monitor setup
Figure 1 - Single monitor setup

Two monitor setup

In some cases you would like a live person to moderate incoming SMS messages. This setup requires two monitors attached to the computer. The person doing the moderation will view the messages on one of the monitors, and the SMS messages will be displayed on the other (Figure 2.

dual monitor setup
Figure 2 - Dual monitor setup

When you use this setup in most cases the moderation monitor will be the laptop's screen, and the display monitor will be the projector. To achieve this configuration you need to put your computer into "Extended" didsplay mode and you need to open two browser windows: one for moderation and one for display.