Ozeki SMS Wall without a Laptop

You are capable to control an LCD screen or a projector directly from an Android smartphone. The perfect tool for this is the Android version of the Ozeki SMS Wall and a screen mirroring device. In this tutorial we used EzCast i5+.

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STEP 1: Check prerequisites

You should check if the following prerequisites are available for you (Figure 1):

  • Android Smartphone
  • EZCast mirroring device
  • projector or LCD monitor

prerequisites for mirroring sms wall to screen
Figure 1 - Prerequisites for mirroring SMS Wall to screen

STEP 2: Download and Install Ozeki SMS Wall to Android

Please proceed to the downloading site and download Ozeki SMS Wall (Figure 2).

Ozeki SMS Wall can be downloaded from the following webpage:
Download Ozeki SMS Wall Android Trial!

download ozeki sms wall to android
Figure 2 - Downloading Ozeki SMS Wall to Android

After the download is completed please click on the downloaded file to start the installation. You will see the details of Ozeki SMS Wall application. At the bottom of the screen please click 'INSTALL' (Figure 3).

installing ozeki sms wall on android
Figure 3 - Installing Ozeki SMS Wall on Android

STEP 3: Plug in and activate EZCast

An EZCast Android application is needed to prepare this step.
Please download the EZCast smartphone application from this site.

First you need to connect the EZCast device to the power outlet (Figure 4).

connecting the ezcast device to the power outlet
Figure 4 - Connecting the EZCast device to the power outlet

Then plug the EZCast device into the HDMI slot of the LCD screen (Figure 5) or the projector.

pluggin the ezcast device into the hdmi slot
Figure 5 - Plugging the EZCast device into the HDMI slot of the LCD screen

Start the EZCast application (Figure 6) to mirror your smartphone screen.

starting the ezcast application
Figure 6 - Starting the EZCast application

EZCast will open an access point. On Figure 7 you can see the access point connection details. Please connect to this access point from your Android smartphone (Figure 7).

connect to the ezcast acces point from the phone
Figure 7 - Connecting to the EZCast access point from your Android smartphone1

Now you just need to mirror your smartphone display with EZCast (Figure 8).

mirroring the smartphone display with ezcast
Figure 8 - Mirroring the smartphone display with EZCast

You should see the mirrored screen on a projector or LCD display (Figure 9).

the smartphone display mirrored
Figure 9 - The smartphone display has been mirrored

STEP 4: Open Ozeki SMS Wall and receive SMS

Since Ozeki SMS Wall is already installed on your smartphone, you can start it with a simple click (Figure 10).

start sms wall
Figure 10 - Starting SMS wall

Ozeki SMS Wall automatically displays every incoming SMS on the screen, so you can try it out by sending an SMS (Figure 11) to the smartphone running the SMS Wall.

sending an sms from a different phone to the smartphone with ozeki sms wall
Figure 11 - Sending an SMS from a different phone to the smartphone with Ozeki SMS Wall installed

See the arrived message in the 'Incoming messages' section (Figure 12).

the sms has arrived in the incoming message section
Figure 12 - The SMS has arrived in the 'Incoming messages' section

It will be displayed on the Wall after the time delay has passed (Figure 13).

the sms is displayed on the sms wall
Figure 13 - The SMS is displayed on the SMS wall

To provide a better experience for your audience, you should set the Wall to 'fullscreen' mode (Figure 14). You can do this by clicking on the 'Fullscreen' button.

the sms wall is set the fullscreen mode
Figure 14 - The SMS wall is set to fullscreen mode